Cyber Security Turnkey

Federally Tested Behavior-Change App

"The Biggest Cybersecurity Threat In 2018 Is Your Own People...

“…and training doesn’t fix it. New habits are the only solution. This mobile app is proven to deliver those new habits.”

Leading organizations in the most targeted industries use this app and contributed to building this program. Now you can launch it for your people in under seven minutes!”

“Most people believe they are already cautious enough, or that they are not a likely target. But they are wrong.”

"“After a decade of working through these issues with Fortune 500s and Federal government research trials, I can now share with you the alarming reality of why your people don’t exhibit the cyber-safe behaviors in which they’ve been trained. It’s an attitude adjustment that’s needed. 

Your people have already been compromised by attackers. Most of them just don’t know it yet. And they don’t know what information has been accessed from them or THROUGH them. Next time it could mean disaster for your organization. Leading experts in cyber attacks, cyber training and awareness have built this program – and when delivered through the #1 training reinforcement app, you will get a clear EVALUATION of their cyber awareness, and you will deliver proven HABITS that turn your people into your first line of defense!  

Our patented format combines the use of light game-based features and time-tested behavior science. Watch this video now to see how easy it is to launch your program and capture this data.” 

Robert Feeney - Co-Founder & Master Coach at Ringorang

Are Your People Cyber Safe Today? Statistically, Your Company Is Exposed.

  • The data is now showing that companies can no longer rely on expensive hardware and software to protect them against costly cyber attacks. Most recently, you've seen this happen with Verizon, Bell Canada, and Equifax resulting in impacts to reputation and revenue.  
  • While most companies make solid efforts to keep their employees educated and informed on the best cyber security practices, it isn't enough. 
  • Unfortunately, the BIGGER threat in cybersecurity isn’t what your employees know, it’s what they believe.
  • Smart companies don't just educate their employees, they work to change attitudes that drive and create secure habits. Brilliant companies don’t wait to see if change occurs, they measure the effectiveness of the education in real time. That’s why we partnered with two highly targeted Fortune 100 companies and an Offensive Security® Certified Professional to provide you with a turnkey cyber safety program that can reinforce any training you’re already delivering. And you can launch it to assess your safety score in just seven minutes
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