Cyber Security Turnkey

Clinically-Tested Training Reinforcement App

"The Biggest Cyber Security Threat In 2018 Will Surprise You...

...and if you do not address the core issue, the problem will compound and become impossible to manage." 

The smartest companies use this app because it's the #1 cyber safety program (that actually works), and it can work for you in under 7 minutes.

"Your people believe they know it all, and they don't really think they're your greatest risk... but they ARE."

"After 10+ years working through issues in Fortune 500s and Federal government research trials, I can now share with you the secret to high-power cyber training reinforcement, so you can unlock unlimited potential for your organization, and prevent the biggest crime every organization faces:  

Employees unknowingly allowing a cyber attack -- not just because 77% of their training gets lost the very next day -- but because they believe they are NOT a point-of-risk. 

  • The solution is an attitude adjustment, that forms new habits. Ringorang achieves this through gamification and science. 

We’ve learned from and delivered to the best, and now I'm giving you what we’ve discovered. In this on-demand video, you’ll see the same impactful system my company used in these world-changing environments which you can take into your organization TODAY. Watch it now.”  

Robert Feeney - Co-Founder & Master Coach at Ringorang

Are Your People Cyber Safe Today? Statistically, Your Company Is Exposed.

  • The data is now showing that companies can no longer rely on expensive hardware and software to protect them against costly cyber attacks. Most recently, you've seen this happen with Verizon, Bell Canada, and Equifax resulting in impacts to reputation and revenue.  
  • While most companies make solid efforts to keep their employees educated and informed on the best cyber security practices, it isn't enough. 
  • Unfortunately, the BIGGER threat in cybersecurity isn’t what your employees know, it’s what they believe.
  • Smart companies don't just educate their employees, they work to change attitudes that drive and create secure habits. Brilliant companies don’t wait to see if change occurs, they measure the effectiveness of the education in real time. That's why Robert Feeney and his Ringorang team created a turnkey cyber safety program that can be set up and executed in less than 7 minutes. 
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