If you don’t get results, we’ll refund you.


We guarantee that a majority of your subscribed users will engage with a majority of your program content.*




*The Results Guaranty Offer is a limited-time and restricted offer only to new Members (as defined in the Terms of Use) for their initial purchase allowing a Member to be refunded under the following conditions:


Refund Amount: the total amount of gross cash returned to the Member that is equal to the Member’s aggregate subscription payments on calendar day 45 of Member’s subscription excluding any other monies paid by Member (e.g., User Fees…).


We guarantee that a Member’s first launch of any Challenge will show the following Minimum Results in Member’s Dashboard:


At least 50% of all joined End Users engaged with at least 50% of the Member’s total Content by the end of the first Challenge.


For purposes of this guarantee, “Content” refers to Ringorang Questions.

Example: a Member has 100 individuals who subscribe to the Member’s program that is published in the Ringorang app (“End Users”); the Program consists of 50 Questions. The Member’s Dashboard shows that 51 End Users engaged with 25 of the Questions. The Minimum Results were reached!


End Users exclude “spam” or “tester” users including but not limited to Ringorang’s admin users and the Member’s Team users (i.e., added users to the Member’s Design Center account). To be clear, if it’s obvious that the program is filled with End User accounts made from “temporary email providers” like Mailinator.com and 10MinuteEmail.com, for example, then those End Users would not count toward the Minimum Results. Further, an End User must engage with at least one (1) piece of Content that is reflected by the Dashboard to be considered applicable to the Minimum Results. To be clear, if a Member’s program has 1,000 subscribed End Users, and 900 of those End Users never engage with at least one (1) piece of Content before the program ends, then the actual End Users will be calculated at 100.


If it’s determined that a Member is eligible for a refund, the Refund Amount will be paid as follows:


1) 100% after the date we complete our internal review substantiating the Member’s claim that the Minimum Results were not achieved, which shall not exceed 45 business days.




Refund eligibility period is only for the first 45 calendar days of account usage, starting the day the Member’s Design Center account was created. To be clear, if a Member requests a Refund on calendar day 46, regardless of not getting Minimum Results, the Member will not be eligible. If a program is still active and has not yet ended, then the data in the Dashboard on calendar day 45 shall be used to determine if the Minimum Results have been achieved. However, if the program is not yet 50% concluded (e.g., not yet reached the time representing the half way point of the program), then the Minimum Results cannot be calculated.


Refund is only available for the first account plan chosen, and only for new Members. To be clear, should a Member choose a month to month Standard Plan, and then upgrade to a Pro Plan, the Refund is no longer available.


Refund only applies to the subscription fees and does not include any other services or purchases such as User Fees.


Refund only applies to the first launch of a Member’s program.


The mandatory required criteria for a completed program is as follows:


  1. minimum of 10 End Users;
  2. minimum of 2 weeks in duration;
  3. minimum of 20 Questions;
  4. minimum of 20% repeated Questions;
  5. minimum of 50% Learn Mores-to-Questions ratio;
  6. a completed Install Site;
  7. completed Disclosures;
  8. minimum of 6 original Flash Messages;
  9. minimum of 3 URL embeds in the Flash Messages;
  10. minimum of 2 Badges of any type;
  11. minimum of 1 Award of any type;
  12. use of an Invite Code that is not a foreign word or not found in the English Dictionary (e.g., banzibby), unless it’s the name of a person in the Member’s business or the Member’s business itself;
  13. minimum Enrollment period of 4 days;
  14. minimum of one (1) feedback form used; and
  15. minimum of 25% ratio of Images-In-Questions used.


To be clear, if the first launched program does not meet the above criteria, then the requirements for the Refund will not have been met.


Members must request their Refund in writing to refunds@ringorang.com, and not through phone, chat or any other channels. The request for Refund must include the Member’s name, email and phone number as shown in their Design Center Account. A review period of up to 30 days will occur to determine eligibility. During this period, an email reply will be sent to the Member to confirm that their request has been received.


If the requirements for a Refund are met, the Member must first “level out” their bill, if applicable. This means that any other fees on the Member’s account must be paid in full before the Refund is provided. To be clear, if the user fees are $523, for example, then the Member must pay that amount before the refund is provided.


A Refund cannot be requested if any services have not been delivered yet to Member that were already purchased, such as 1-on-1 Coaching Sessions. Further, a Refund cannot be requested (or will be rejected) if a program is LIVE or in ‘Publishing’ or ‘Published’ phase. To be clear, if the Member takes action to have their Program launched, and then requests a Refund before the Program becomes LIVE, the Refund is voided. The Member should, instead, cancel the launch activity and then request the Refund, if eligible.


Member must not access their Design Center account further after emailing the Refund request to refunds@ringorang.com. Should Member or any added Team users in the Member’s account access their account at any time after the Request is made, then the Refund is voided. To be clear, if a Member’s added user accesses the Member’s account on day 13 after the Refund request is emailed, then the request for Refund is voided. 


Only one (1) request for Refund is allowed per account. To be clear, if Member requests a Refund and is rejected for reasons explained in these terms and conditions, then the Member cannot “restart” or “try again”. In other words, this is a one-time deal and should be taken very seriously due to the process and cost Ringorang goes through to review and refund.



If Member, or any of its added account users, re-establishes a Ringorang account within the 60 days, the 2nd part of the refund will become void.


If any other Member with the same email domain as the Member establishes a Ringorang account within the 30 days, the Refund will become void.


Refunds are not eligible should any form of misleading “Clickbait” be used to induce users to join on the assumption they will engage with Member’s content but not be told of the subject matter prior to joining the Program. This is deemed a high-risk Program based on coercion, and will not be eligible for Refund. An example of this is when a Program promotes “winning a million dollars!”, which results in massive user subscriptions, but the users soon realize they don’t care anything about the subject matter.


In addition, the Refund becomes void if:


  • any URL used in the Program is broken and does not work,
  • a Question has a wrong answer in the correct answer space, or visa versa, regardless of Member error during design
  • bombardment of content is delivered to Member’s End Users which means

a. more than eight (8) Questions daily, or

b. more than six (6) Flash Messages daily, or

c. an Award or Badge issued upon a majority of every End User engagement, excluding ‘silent’ issuances of Awards or Badges.


It is the Member’s responsibility to measure and track results using their Dashboard. Should the first Program reach the final 33% of its duration period, and not have the Minimum Results reached, then Member must show an attempt to adjust the Program versus doing nothing. Should the end of the first Program end without reaching the Minimum Results, and without the Member taking action to adjust the Program, then the Refund is voided. In this situation, to avoid voidance of Refund request, the Member must either adjust their LIVE Program, even if only slightly, or reach out to Support for assistance; and then accept the guidance provided. If Member does not implement a majority of the suggestions from Support, which will all be at no-cost, then the Member will not be eligible for Refund request.
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