Ringorang® makes and saves your business money by reinforcing your training so it is reliably sustained. Meet the self-service tools and powerful app that make it happen.

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Content Methodology

Chunk your content using the Federally tested ASK Methodology. It's baked into the system, just follow the steps to develop your crystal-clear Goal Design.

Integrated Web Pages

Incorporate ALL of your content with ease: drag and drop images and video into our webpage builder to help extend end-user engagement well beyond the 60-second Question sequence. Or drive them to media located elsewhere!

Real-Time Dashboard

Capture the attitudes, skills and knowledge level of your people, and track their actions too! Make real-time changes to their training reinforcement based on what you see.

Success Coaches

The Advanced Plan includes Success Coaches who are dedicated to the success of your training reinforcement programs, and engage with you often on optimization strategies.

Easy Tools + Worldclass Support

Design your program with a straightforward set of steps. We've got you covered all along the way with just-in-time FAQs, video tutorials, and our worldclass support staff.

Engagement Drivers

In addition to quiz-style questions, you can send Flash Messages: these are like text messages that pop up in the app. Customize them to drive users to a survey or a video.  Send to all of your users or to segmented groups.

Ringorang's features are the ones our clients ask for

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Feel the App. Feel its power.

Once you launch your program to the app for your users to enjoy, you can sit back and let the magic happen. You'll see real-time data on habit building leading to sustained behavior change. The magic: light nudges along a controlled learning path that is irresistible to users!


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With our 45-Day Guarantee, you have nothing to lose and a whole lot of results to gain! Because we've been doing this for a decade, we're confident that you will get the training reinforcement results we promise or you get your money back.

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