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Do you need an extra set of expert hands to assist you with your training reinforcement programs? 

Our Solutions Team is ready to tailor a solution to your company's specific needs, from program design, content, project management and analytics.


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Why Use Ringorang For Your Company?

Ringorang® makes your business better by reinforcing your training so it becomes sustained by everyone, all possible with easy self-service tools and a simple gamification app.

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Full design and strategy, and on-site project management, from start to finish, even adding complementary media such as IVR, print pieces, SMS.


Full curriculum development. Original question writing, including Flash Messages, Learn More items, webpage design, and graphics that cover it all.


Full custom data reporting. Identifying most relevant data for your users, extracting and delivering custom data, including custom development of data reporting or views. 


Full strategy and fullfillment. Deciding on the types of incentives, volume and frequency for your users, including prize acquisition and delivery, all within your budget.

Assign Heavy Lifting

When you engage with our Solutions Team, you'll get setup across all your departments in every office location so your company can design and launch programs in less time, even running daily recurring programs that repeat hourly. Your programs will be more effective and will be driving results in weeks instead of months.

Generate Greater ROI

Our growing Solutions Team is comprised of top-tier delivery partners. We use proven best-practices and management procedures used by the largest consultancies in the world. This ensures you are matched with the best resources we have to offer. It's all about performance -- more retention and more engagement will lower cost and increase revenues, allowing you to uniquely dominate your market space.